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The Department of Physics has been established as an independent department in 2010 from Mathematics and Basic Sciences Department. Physics is an exciting subject which aims to explain how things work from the smallest to the largest of scales, from nanotechnology to the universe itself. The tremendous growth in science and technology in the last few decades is in one way or the other, related to or based on fundamental principles of Physics. Physics has been essential in the development of technologies such as the microchip, information technology, data storage, fibre optic communication, satellite navigation and mobile phones which are transforming the infrastructure of society. As a result, modern industry has been transformed by development in computation, robotics and automation, instrumentation, and miniaturization. Indeed, there are entire industries which have grown out of development in specific areas of physics such as semiconductor device physics, optics, laser physics and medical physics, In addition to its importance to technology and industry, physics plays a fundamental role in affecting the attitude and behaviour of society.
Realising the importance of Physics in the development of new technologies, a Master Programme in Physics was launched. The purpose of this Programme is to produce scientifically and technologically motivated graduates (a) to promote interdisciplinary research among the students and the faculty, and (b) to enhance their employability in industry and other related fields. The structure of the Programme has been designed in such a manner that research-orientated graduates can undertake research projects.
The Master in Physics is an evening programme for which the engineering and science graduates, having completed sixteen years of education are eligible. An intensive course on Experiments in Advanced Physics would be a novel feature of this Programme enabling the students to get hands on experience in using standard laboratory instruments/techniques. It is aimed that the graduate of this Programme will be able to get jobs in science and related industry.