TECHTRON brings you the most awaited competition i.e. Codeathon (Speed Programming & Quiz Competition) where only the best algorithm and logic secures victory.
Indeed programming is like building castle with toothpicks and this competition will provide a platform for testing your programming skills, time management skill and stamina to work under pressure against the clock. This does not end only with programming but also tests hardware interfacing skills. 

Date and time: September 8th 2014 at 9:00 A.M.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All candidates must be enrolled in Undergraduate program of any HEC recognized university/institute of Pakistan.
  • Volunteers or organizers are not allowed to participate in the competition under any circumstances.

Registration Procedure:
All interested students must go through the following steps in order to register for the Codeathon in TECHTRON’14:

  • Fill in the online registration forms with your given details while making sure no required fields are left blank.
  • Complete the registration process by visiting the TECHTRON central office located in Electronics Department.
  • After submitting your required fees and completion of the registration process, you will be notified of your registration via text or email.
  • All fees are non-refundable. Any refund requests shall be disregarded.
  • Registration fees for Codeathon shall be 500 PKR per team.
  • Each participating team may consist of maximum 2 members.
  • Last date of registration would be August 31st 2014.
  • No forms shall be accepted after due date and failure in timely payment of registration will result in cancellation of your registration.

General Rules and Regulations:

  • On the day of competition, all participants should bring their university cards as well as the registration slips.
  • Discipline during the competition should be followed at all times. Acts of disturbance or violence of any matter will render you disqualified from the competition.
  • All the relevant details of the participants once filled in the forms will be considered final and no changes shall be made.
  • Team members from different discipline/institutes are allowed.
  • Team TECHTRON would endure no responsibility regarding any problem occurred in the hardware, software or any viruses infecting the participants’ robots.
  • Organizers reserve the right to change any rules and regulations without any prior notice. It is the job of the participants to keep in touch with the management and update themselves in this regard.

Theme: Competition will be comprised of two rounds.

Round # 1:First round will be Quiz.   Each Team obtaining 40% marks will qualify to next round. Quiz will be based on basic programming and microcontroller knowledge.

Round # 2: Each Team would be asked to do coding for a given task using their preferred microcontroller (PIC or AVR) with successful compilation as well as simulation within the allotted time period.
Specific Rules:

  • Each team can consist of 2 participants.
  • 1 pc per team is allotted.
  • Top teams from first round will make it to the final round.
  • The Compiler’s available are Proton IDE, Pic Basic Pro & AVR Studio.
  • Proteus ISIS is used for simulation. (Proteus ISIS Development board file will be given to each participant, Participant should insert hex file of his/her code into the Proteus ISIS and display the required output).
  • Basic Development Board Simulation Design file would be given for both AVR and PIC. The participants may need to add some components to fulfill the task.
  • The completion is based on final output of task.
  • The participants are required to raise hand immediately after task completion so their time can be noted by judges.
  • The participants should wait for their turn and maintain code of conduct.Any participant found cheating or using any unnecessary means would be eliminated on the spot.
  • In case of tie, team having highest quiz percentage will be declared as winner.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Fastest Task Completion.
  • Better Logic.
  • Code Memory Space.


  • The decision of the judges/referee will be final and rest assured no decision shall be biased in favor of any team.
  • Certificates and lunch will be provided to all participants.