Co head
Billal Ahmed



"If you place your trust in something or someone, it is logical to expect the same amount of trust in return.
Trust is the Promise with which I, Billal Ahmed, President TechTron, welcome you all on the most engaging and promising event of NEDUET!
Yes, people. TechTron has got so much that you wouldn't have ever thought or imagined in the wildest of your dreams. So, mark your calenders for the 8th of September ,because this time its going to be big!! I promise you a journey full of excitement and vigor that will bring out cherishable memories for life.

Aneeba Najeeb



"I Aneeba Najeeb , Vice President TechTron, welcome you all to the most thrilling and exciting event of the year. Just grab learning most out of it and cherish every moment. TechTron will blow you along,as it hit the shore. Each one of us is unique, just bring out the zeal that lay within you and enter into a journey of intellectual enthusiasm and adventure.
So fasten your seat belts and get ready to take off to the never seen world of TechTron!!!
Make sure to give your BEST shot. I wish you all best of Luck

Mohsin Siddiqui
Promotion And Participatory Affairs Head
Marketing Head
Mohammad Khurram
Presentation Du Project Head
Neev Kiran
Are You Ready Head
Usama Ahmed
Temple Run Head
Bilal Khalid
Codeathon Head
Mubashir Ali
Asra Habib
Promotion And Participatory Affairs Head
Anam Majid
Ifrah Jaffri
Documentation Head
Publication and Vocals Head
Are You Ready Co-ordinator
Manoj Kumar
Presentation Du Project Co-ordinator
Uzaif Shareef
Co-ordinator Temple Run
Ali Murtaza
Graphics Designer
Mehreen Irshad
Event Co-ordinator
Jazib Kaleem
Codeathon Co-ordinator
Abber Tahir
CO-HEAD Marketing
Muneeb Shaikh
CO Event Coordinator
M. Arqam Khan
Syed Jaudat Rashid
Logistics Head
Web Designer
Zahid Hasan
Web Designer
Taha Siddiqui
Innovation and Creativity Head
Ahsan Aziz