Temple Run Robotics is one of the most anticipated events of TECH TRON whereby robots made by students will compete in pairs in a race. The winner of the race will qualify for the next round.

Date and time: September 8th 2014 at 9:00 A.M.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All candidates must be enrolled in Undergraduate program of any HEC recognized university/institute of Pakistan.
  • Volunteers or organizers are not allowed to participate in the competition under any circumstances.
Registration Procedure:

    All interested students must go through the following steps in order to register for Temple Run in TECHTRON'14:

  • Fill in the online registration forms with your given details while making sure no required fields are left blank.
  • Complete the registration process by visiting the TECHTRON central office located in Electronics Department.
  • After submitting your required fees and completion of the registration process, you will be notified of your registration via text or email.
  • All fees are non-refundable. Any refund requests shall be disregarded.
  • Registration fees for Temple Run shall be 1500 PKR per team.
  • Each participating team may consist of maximum5 members.
  • Last date of registration would be August 31st 2014.
  • No forms shall be accepted after due date and failure in timely payment of registration will result in cancellation of your registration.

General Rules and Regulations:

  • On the day of competition, all participants should bring their university cards as well as the registration slips.
  • Discipline during the competition should be followed at all times. Acts of disturbance or violence of any matter will render you disqualified from the competition.
  • All the relevant details of the participants once filled in the forms will be considered final and no changes shall be made.
  • Team members from different discipline/institutes are allowed.
  • Team TECHTRON would endure no responsibility regarding any problem occurred in the hardware, software or any viruses infecting the participants' robots.
  • Organizers reserve the right to change any rules and regulations without any prior notice. It is the job of the participants to keep in touch with the management and update themselves in this regard.

The participants will be divided into groups of two. Teams/participants in each group will compete against one another. The winner from each group will further be promoted to the next level.

Specific Rules:

  • At the start, the robot must be placed in such a manner that at least half of the robot must be behind the starting line.
  • The time will be measured using an electronic gate or by a referee using a stopwatch. The time measured is final.
  • Penalization as mentioned in the above rules would be an addition of +3 seconds to the total time of completing the track.
  • TECHTRON does not have any limitation as far as circuitry is concerned for motor driving. Any integrated circuit for motor driving is acceptable. Although, sensing of the lines and the arena should be done through discrete components and self-designed circuits only.
  • Avoid sharp edges that could damage for other robot or for arena, failure to do so could result in disqualification.
  • The presence of the team at the time of competition is mandatory.
  • 3 minutes calibration time would be given at the start of each match to both the teams.
  • The team selection for the knockout matches would be random or selection based in order to give a fair chance to the competitors.
  • Since the robot crosses the starting line, it must be fully autonomous, otherwise it shall be disqualified. And no operator is allowed to enter the arena after the robot crosses the starting line.
  • Any robot which goes off the playing field will have to restart from the starting point. “Going off” is defined as a situation when any wheel, track or leg of a robot is fully outside of the playing field.
  • No more than 3 retries will be allowed and the operator would have to inform the referee before taking a retry. Failure to do so would result in disqualification.
  • If the robot loses the line, it must return to the line at a place where it left it or at any place closer to the line start.
  • The playing field ground is white and dashed black. The line is marked by a white tape of 30 mm width and same is for Black dashed line track.
  • If the robot is performing the task without following the lines,it would be immediately disqualified for example, by delaying programming or magnetic sensor usage without following the lines.
  • No objections against any decision of a referee or an organizer will be admitted. Team leader may raise an objection in case of doubts concerning implementation of the rules. This objection shall be presented to the referee.
  • Based on the number of participants or local conditions, the contest rules or the operating rules may be adapted by the organizers. Such changes shall be announced before the contest starts and remain valid for the whole contest duration.
  • Any correspondence with TECHTRON officials via email, telephone, text message or any other means will NOT be considered as part of a rule.

The following behavior shall be considered for Disqualification by the referee, and the team could possibly be disqualified :

  • Attempting to damage the game field
  • In attempting misconduct with any individual within the premises of the university
  • Performing any act that fails to comply with the spirit of Fair Play

In all matters of interpreting the rules before and after the contest, and in any issues not covered by these rules, the decision of the Contest Judging Committee will be final.


The arena is designed for 2 robots to compete simultaneously. The arena is made of wooden material and white and black lines will be made of insulating tape. The robotics competition will consist of 2 rounds.
  1. Inspection
  2. Knockout
  1. Inspection:

A general inspection of robot will be done in order to ensure whether the robot fulfills the design limitations or not.
The following table gives the design limitations:






<= 30 cm

>30 cm < 40  cm

> 40 cm


<= 30 cm

>30 cm < 35 cm

> 35 cm


<= 30 cm

>30 cm < 40 cm

> 40 cm


<= 7 kg

>7kg < 9kg

> 10kg

Sensor board


No penalty

No disqualification

 Operating Voltage


>36V <=48V



There is absolutely no limitation on circuitry for line follower robot.

  1. Knockout round:


Round 1:

Two robots will traverse through any path within the arena simultaneously in the arena shown above.  The starting point will be the starting line, at the corners of the arena. Irrespective of any path followed, the first robot to reach the gem at the center of the arena will be ranked high and qualified for the next round and the other robot will only be qualified if it was found to follow the line.

Round 2:

All selected teams of round 1 would enter a series of knockout matches, in which only those teams would proceed further who reached the temple before the other opponent team. The loosing team of the match would not be able to proceed with its quest in the competition.

A coin toss will decide whether any of the teams will race on either the red or the blue track.


The decision of the judges/referee will be final and rest assured no decision shall be biased in favor of any team.

Two teams would compete head-to-head in a series of knockout matches.The team reaching the gemfirst would be qualified for further matches with other qualifying teams.

There are three paths that could be followed:

  • Path A, which has no barrier and is the longest path.
  • Path B, which has a barrier; the robot has to detect it and wait for 2-4 seconds until the barrier has been removed. The position of the barrier would be unknown and may be placed anywhere along the path B, except at the corners. (as shown by the dotted lines which are, of course, not a part of the arena).
  • Path Cwould be a black dashed line rather than a continuous white line as in the other two paths.

The winner of all the matches would be the ultimate champion.


Dimensions are as shown in the figure below. Asingle arena is about 8ft*8ft. In case of any query feel free to email or place your issue on the official page.That would be highly appreciated.

The dimensions for the red arena are the exact same dimensions for the blue arena as well.


  1. The decision of the judges/referee will be final and rest assured no decision shall be biased in favor of any team.
  2. Practice arena will be available from first week of August 2014. Teams will be informed through their coordinators.
  3. Certificates and lunch will be provided to all participants.