Annual Dinner was arranged by final year on 10th January 2015
Eid feista 2014 was arranged in Textile Engineering Department
A Seminar was arranged by HR Manger and team of Yunus Textile Mill on Employmentibility Skills
A visit to Gul Ahmed was arranged for First year students on 4th September, 2014
A visit to SGS was arranged for Final year students on 2nd September, 2014
First International Textile Conference NED ITC 2014 was held on 13th March, 2014
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Final Year Projects


The First Year classes of Textile Engineering started with the beginning of the academic session in February 1997. The decision to start the program was taken by the University after a four-year deliberation by various bodies of the University. The program has been designed to fulfill the engineering needs of the Textile Industry. The course offers a combination of Textile Engineering and Processing and is aimed at producing qualified engineers who would not only take-up maintenance / operational functions of a Textile mill but would cover other aspects related to the industry such as parts manufacture, machinery development, quality assurance & environment.

The courses offered include Mathematics, Physical and Social Science as well as general background courses on Design, Material Science, Strength of Material, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Economics, Environment etc. to provide basic engineering knowledge. Courses such as Textile Utilities, Manufacturing, Statistical Quality Control, and Economics cover the application aspects.

Specific courses on Textile are Polymer and Fibre Science, Yarn and Fabric Manufacturing Process, Dyeing and Finishing , Product Evaluation and Quality Control etc.

The Department is still in the process of developing. Some laboratory equipment has been acquired from TIRDC.

Guest lectures from industry and visits to textile units are arranged frequently.