The Department offers a 5 semester program leading to the Degree of Master of Engineering in Textile Engineering.

This is an evening programme conducted through course work.

The courses and contents of M.Engg. in Textile (by course work) are designed to incorporate the current subjects of engineering and technology, and are formally the core of any similar program in the industrialized nations. However the needs and requirements of Pakistan's Textile Sector are not neglected. Consequently the courses are designed to meet the needs of Pakistani Textile Industries, in particular, and the Textile Business Sector at large. The recommended courses and their contents are produced under defined objectives and the standard and quality of courses is comparable to the postgraduate programs offered in textile engineering and technology in the well reputed academic institutions of the USA.

The names of offered courses and their brief outlines are given below: 

Compulsory Courses:

S. No Course Number Course Title Marks
Theory Sessional
1. TE-501     Textile Quality Assurance 60 40
2. TE-502   Textile Printing 60 40
3. TE-503 Processes for Cotton Dyeing 60 40
4. TE-504 Automation and Control 60 40
5. TE-505   Advanced Statistics 60 40

 Elective Courses:

S. No Course Number Course Title Marks
Theory Sessional
1. TE-506 Fibre Engineering Science 60  40
2. TE-507 Fibre Forming Polymers 60  40
3. TE-508 Advanced Finishing Processes 60 40
4. TE-509 Colour Physics & Measurement 60 40
5. TE-511 Physico-Chemical Processes in Textiles 60  40
6. TE-512 Advance Yarn Engineering 60  40
7. TE-513 Advance Weaving Engineering 60  40
8. TE-515 Technical Textile 60 40
9. TE-516 Supply chain Design and Management 60 40
10. EM-504 Project Management framework & Tools 60 40
11. TE-599 Dissertation 60 40

Note : A course on Computer Applications (MS 553) may be recommended by the Chairman as a non-credit course.

For detailed outlines of above courses view the PDF brochure