Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a part of college curriculum, mainly seen in engineering courses.

Objectives of industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.

Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action.


  • An Industrial visit has been aranged for texile students to MustaqimDyeing & printing in Spring semester 2017
  • Students of Textile Department with two faculty members, Dr. Dawood Hussain and Dr. Ali Hasan Mahmood joined Karwan-e-Yakjehti Quetta. The government has made arrangements to mark 70th Independence Day of Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Army and Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Karwan-e-Yakjehti Quetta with national zeal.
  • An Industrial visit has been aranged by AATCC NED chapter for Textile students to Soorty Enterprise (Garments Division) on 3rd of August 2016

  • A study visit was arranged to Amna industries for second year textile sciences on 2nd and 4th february 2016

  • An industrial visit was arranged for SE Textile on 19 October 2015 to soorty enterprise Pvt LTD
  • An industrial visit was arranged for FE Textile on 7th & 8th October 2015 to Archroma pakistan

Dice Exhibition Faislabad at NTU 2017

Final Year projects of Textile Engineering Department NEDUET were presented in Dice Faislabad 2017 at NTU. One project won a special prize and two projects won cash prizes.

Visit to Mustaqim Dyeing & Priniting

Textile Sciences students visited Mustaqim dyeing and printing industries where they visited various department

  • Processing department
  • Yarn testing
  • Fabric Testing