23rd March 1940 and 23rd March 2012, what is missing?

Mirza Ibrahim Baig
Final year, Civil
Posted On Sunday, 08th July 2012 | Comments

We have experienced on our television sets, a few thousand of our compatriots jumping, bouncing, waving flags, blowing horns and whistles, singing, and literally going crazy to ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, shaking Lords and Trent Bridge to their foundations in the final of T20 world cup 2009. We have also had the pleasure of experiencing the young and the old dressed in flags, dancing on the streets in happiness and joy and forgetting everything else apart from being the proud citizens of this state of Pakistan.

Now imagine millions of Muslims of the subcontinent gathered at Minto Park Lahore exactly seventy two years ago chanting "Ban k rahega Pakistan" and "Pakistan ka matlab kia ..." 

Your blood starts flowing even faster than Michael Schumacher's car; excitement, zeal and enthusiasm rock your entire soul, your emotions produce the heat and your body feels it, that is exactly what happens when love for your country reaches its heights. But there was something even more special about the crowd at Minto Park, and that was their belief, belief in themselves, in their dreams and in their desires. This evolved when love for getting a homeland in the name of Islam reached its heights.

It is primarily due to the belief of our elders that we are enjoying the status of being independent. That day we had nothing except this conviction, and today we have everything except it: World's largest salt mine (Khewra), second largest coal reserves (Thar), third largest gas reserves, fifth largest copper and gold reserves (Reko Diq), fifth biggest army of the world, sixth largest population, second highest mountain peak (K2), largest deep sea port (Gawadar), Asia's largest bird sanctuary (Haleji Lake). In addition to these, Pakistan is the fourth largest cotton producer, seventh nuclear power, fifth largest milk producer, seventh largest wheat producer and twelfth largest rice producer.

Despite all this, today, on 23rd March 2012, with our heads down in dejection and disappointment we look forward to other nations of the world to rescue us from this sad state of affairs. For too long have our people lived in luxury hoping it is their neighbour who will sacrifice for the greater good. Instead of being the change himself, each one of us expects others to bring the change.

No one can deny our capabilities; ALLAH has blessed us with everything, now it is time for us to take responsibility and to realize our potential of becoming the best. Let us be confident, and, let us stick to the agenda for which we created Pakistan! 

Written by: Mirza Ibrahim Baig (Final year, Civil)
Edited by: Javeria Nawed (Final year, Mechanical)


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