Role of Youth for a Positive Pakistan

Naresh Kumar
SE - CIS Deptt.
Posted On Wednesday, 01st September 2010 | Comments

The Youth of Pakistan are also known as the “Nation Builders” and we can play a significant role in the development of the country not only economically but also by morally and practically. We have to clear the differences and objections of people and make our efforts to grow Pakistan and fulfill the basic needs of the people which are below the poverty line.

We are always aware of the fact that Pakistan is in danger, it is basically strong in the field of weapons but between the people of Pakistan there is so much difference and contradictions that they don’t even try to unite as one. To be one and keep united the people, the people of Pakistan have to eradicate the internal disputes prevailing between them and they have to show maturity as well as a sense of national responsibility. We have to wake up from a deep sleep and invoke the spirit of our founder and bring back our country to its feet. Renowned Scholar, Dr. Tariq Rehman said that “Youth has a significant role in present dismal situation and we need to impart civic education to secure our better future.” And also adding the comment of Shabana Fayyaz, lecturer of Quaid-e-Azam University said that “The best investment under current scenarios would be empowering the youth”. She added that “We are surrounded by multiple crises and we cannot meet these challenges without an active participation of the youth as a catalyst of change.”

According to a survey, an overwhelming majority of the youth (61.8%) has faith in democracy and peaceful change, as they believe that their vote can be a catalyst for change. An amazing majority of youth (72.6%) is willing to get involved in volunteerism but only 17% are willing to do voluntary work for political parties. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah used his ability and skills and by showing extra-ordinary courage, which he manifested in the process of creation of Pakistan and the fight he fought in all quarters during his lifetime. The people of Pakistan will always remain in debt to this great man and sacrifices given by millions of martyrs. We are on a hopeless journey but still we have to try to make efforts for the betterment of the society and develop an optimistic thinking. We should not lose the right path by simply seeing what kind of absurdities and unfair means are already being followed over here, rather we should exemplify good patterns of behavior for the coming generations.

We are Young Seagulls, trying to fly without feathers. Our precious gems and valuable assets, youth, in the shape of brilliant students, professionals and people in all walks of life are being discouraged, exploited and humiliated by the corrupt lobby. The problem of the emotional and impatient Pakistanis is diagnosed. The solution is in our hands. They need to change themselves and their attitude and approach must based on sensibility, responsibility, tolerance and patience. We will achieve a Positive and Green Pakistan. INSHAALLAH.


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