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A Case for Incorporating Residential Forced Demand Response as Demand Side Management for Power Sector

Author(s): Mariam Gul, Saad Ahmed Qazi, Danish Zahoor

Volume: Thematic Issue on Energy

Pages: 53-60

Date: January 2012

Power demand curve plays a significant role in defining power policy of any region. However, it is shown in this study that load shedding as load management method forces the demand curve to deviate from its natural shape. These distorted curves are termed as Forced Demand Response (FDR) or Actual Demand Response (ADR). Efficiency of load shedding as Demand Side Management (DSM) technique to conserve energy is determined with respect to ADR. The study concludes by the advantage of employing FDR instead of Natural Demand Response (NDR) when making policy decisions.

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