NED University Journal of Research
An International Journal
ISSN 2304-716X


Author(s): Sarosh H. Lodi, Syed Abulkhair Masroor

Volume: 1

No: 2

Pages: 35-47

Date: July 1994

Abstract: This study presents the evaluation of properties of reinforcing bars produced in Pakistan. The properties that were studied include mechanical, chemical and metallographic with reference to various standards commonly used in Pakistan. Specimens were selected from all the main sources used in production of reinforcing bars, i.e., billets, ship plates and ingots. These specimens were collected from the manufacturers directly and from the markets in Karachi and Lahore. It is found that the billet steel bars, in general, follow most of the standard requirements. However, ship plate and ingot based bars do not follow most of the specified criteria. Therefore, the source and the properties of the reinforcing bars should be carefully evaluated before use. Recommendations to these effects are made in this study.

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