ED University Journal of Research is the official journal of the NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. Since 2013, the journal is published biannually in two sections, namely Structural Mechanics and Applied Sciences. The primary aim of the NED University Journal of Research is to provide an international forum for the dissemination of research and new development in engineering and technology and their applications in the benefit of mankind. The journal focuses on papers with a broad interest, based upon their subject area, the quality of research, the novelty of results and the potential for scientific contribution of the findings. The Journal presents advanced knowledge on engineering fundamentals and processes in such a form that it can be readily turned into practical applications. The Journal’s objectives are intrinsic with the recognition and appropriate publication of the achievements of all those who have an interest in the participation of the spread of knowledge. The Journal publishes a wide range of research and application papers which describe design, research & development studies and experimental & theoretical investigations.
The Journal welcomes high quality research in all disciplines of science, engineering and technology including, but not limited to, civil engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, textile engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology. Original papers from mathematics and computer systems are also included in the scope of the Journal.
All the submitted manuscripts are multiple peer reviewed. In addition to that editorial selectivity involves consideration of the equitable coverage of all disciplines in order to ensure high standards of technical veracity. Articles published in the Journal demonstrate novel discoveries, developments and theories in the field of engineering and technology. We hope that the Journal will provide a unifying basis to bring together scientists, engineers, researchers, managers and designers. We wish that the Journal should stand among the best international journals in the coming years.
Authors may submit articles electronically through Researcher’s Web, by following the instructions, to the following journal sections. The Editor invites potential reviewers by e-mail. Authors are encouraged to refer to the Publishing Guidelines to understand the principles for publications by NED University Journal of Research and the editor's expectations for their papers.

NED University Journal of Research – Structural Mechanics

NED University Journal of Research – Applied Sciences

Please note: In order to review papers in a timely fashion and provide feedback, regarding the paper's quality, we continually need referees. If you are interested in reviewing papers for the NED University Journal of Research on any topic included in the scope of Journal please contact the Editor on the following address:

Prof. Muhammad Masood Rafi
NED University Journal of Research
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