Knowledge obtained from maps is vital for research in Urban Planning and Architecture and public access to such material is limited in the city of Karachi. To fulfill this need, the Archives team undertook an extensive survey and research exercise and through it numerous maps have been collected from various governmental and non-governmental organizations (KMC, CDGK, Survey of Pakistan, etc.).

 A computerized searchable data base and a visual catalogue has been developed and is available to researchers on the computers of the Multimedia Section.

The section houses key maps of Pakistan and specifically Karachi, which includes the following:

Title Headings
  Atlas  05
  Building Drawings  06
  Cantonment Maps  04
  Deh Maps  70
  District’s Maps  66
  Guide Maps  19
  Historic Maps  03
  Katchi Abadi Maps  109
  Physical Maps  02
  Quarter’s Maps  08
  Scheme maps  49
  Quarter’s Maps  02
  Sector Maps  04
  Tourist Maps  15
  Town Maps  25
  Union Council Maps  09