Accessibility to substantial resource material is integral to development of pedagogical and investigative activities. Architectural research and education requires information through multiple types of material from various disciplines and the resources at the Department of Architecture and Planning (NEDUET) are housed in a Library and Archives.
The Archives DAP-NEDUET started as a small-scale thesis library at the conception of the department and now has more than 5000 holdings and is working as a multi-dimensional resource and research centre facilitating students, architects and scholars alike.

The unit was initiated in 2002 by Professor Dr. Noman Ahmad and Associate Professor Fariha Amjad Ubaid. A small group of highly motivated faculty and staff are involved in research activities, resource-build up and digitization of data. The coordination is being carried out by Assistant Professor Saadia Bano, Lecturer Rabela Junejo, Sarah Ather Khan, Mahwish Ghulam Rasool and Jr. DEO Azeem Ahmad Khan.
Different sections have been developed according to types of material and resources available, which include sections on Books, Newspapers, Maps, Multimedia, and Catalogues etc. The Archives has so far self-generated the majority of its funds . A management system has been evolved to run each section effectively and human resource development is an integral objective of the Archives DAP-NEDUET.