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ACHR-ACAA Community Based Heritage Research Project:
Karachi Historic Areas (March - October 2012)

Funded by Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) and Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACAA), this community based research was undertaken in three identified clusters of Karachi’s historic areas. The project provided an opportunity for a pilot study employing methods of interactive research encouraging community participation; investigating ground realities, gathering feedback of associated communities, advocating for heritage conservation and promoting possibilities of economically viable solutions for adoption by heritage property owners and policy makers as part of the preservation process.

Phase I (March-June 2012):
Field work was undertaken in identified pilot study areas; Serai Road, Napier Road and Burnes Road. Initial documentation and gathered information on all listed heritage properties within study area was compiled, and evaluated to identify primary issues associated with these properties. The findings were compiled in the final report. ‘PDF

Phase II (July (July-October 2012):
Macro level issues identified for the area were further investigated and proposals and possibilities were for design solutions were evolved. Detailed measured survey was also undertaken for one property. The findings and proposals developed through this research process were presented to the community and city administrators through interactive exchange workshops.PDF