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Condition Assessment of Heritage Buildings – Karachi Declared as Dangerous (June 2018)

Karachi, a Cosmopolitan city, the most populous city in Pakistan and third most populous city in the world is home to numerous heritage buildings which date back to 19th century. The vast majority of these stone workmanship building structures were built during British Raj. Conditions of most of these buildings is very bad now a days due to decay over a period of time, lack of maintenance and neglect on part of building owners.

SBCA (Sindh Building Control Authority) has declared almost 52 of heritage buildings as “Dangerous”. Any Building or structure whose strength, stability, serviceability, robustness and/or durability has been impaired due to any reason such as improper structural design and detailing, faulty and/or poor construction, decay, dilapidation, obsolescence, natural disasters or prompting deserting, due to all these reasons to a level, where it cannot be restored to its original status, classifies as Dangerous Building.

Culture/Heritage department thus initiated a study to assess if the existing heritage buildings can be restored by strengthening and repair. In this regard, M/S Sadaf Fatima was consulted by NED Architecture Department to inspect and survey the stability of these buildings from the aspect of being called “Dangerous”, i.e. to see if the buildings can be restored to their original strength by strengthening. The details of the building are described inState of Conservation Report’.