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WMF Watch Day at Khori Garden Precinct
(3rd   January 2019)

The World Monuments – Watch Day 2018 event is organized as a Heritage Preservation Awareness Initiative seminar. The nomination of Historic Karachi sent by the Heritage Cell-Department of Architecture and Planning NED University, Karachi has been included in the Watch list 2018-2019 cycle wherein ‘Khori Garden and its Precinct’ was identified as one of the case study clusters. The inclusion of Historic Karachi on WMF Watch List cycle 2018-19 aims to attract attention of authorities and other stakeholders on issues presently being faced by the historic built environment of Karachi’s inner core. Khori Garden is one such example of a residential enclave planned under British reign in Karachi with elegant structures aligned along narrow streets depicting Victorian Era classical residential square. However in present times the locality has, transformed drastically due to overcrowding and pressures of commercialization and uncontrolled encroachments. The demographic changes in the area have resulted in diminishing the community oriented activities that once took place in this neighborhood.

To reminisce on the area’s historical splendor and raise an interest for revitalizing its original character, there is a need to initiate a dialogue among various stakeholders of the area and raise public awareness for preservation of historic character of the area and its neighborhood under various tangible and intangible capacities. With this agenda the Heritage Cell-Department of Architecture & Planning (HC-DAPNED), N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan initiated a daylong heritage awareness activity which includes following activities:

Watch Day Children Activities (Invited School: Al Musleh Foundation School)

- Interactive Heritage Walk,
- Sketching and Drawing Competition on Historic Buildings

Public Seminar
- Documentary screening titled as “Khori Garden Precinct”
- Panel Discussion by invited experts

Exhibition on the Historic Buildings tilted as Architectural Gems of the Khori Garden Precinct

Through this event it is intended to bring local appreciation and advocate for the heritage that is very central to the lives of the people associated with it and to highlight the importance of vibrant community that resides in the Khori Garden neighborhood.

The event was jointly supported by World Monuments Fund and Karachi Infrastructure Development Company Limited (KIDCL).

Documentary-Khori Garden Precinct, Karachi

  Children Activity

Event Program

Heritage Walk


Drawing Activity

Architectural Gems of the Khori Garden Precinct/ Exhibition

Drawings by Participants

Feedback & Comment

Drawing Competition Award Winners

Press Link Picture Gallery

Team Members

1- Dawn Newspaper

2- Umairrazzaqbaloch

3- Archi Times

4- A + I
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Prof. Dr. Anila Naeem
Chairperson DAP & Incharge HC

Ar. Farida G.
Coordinator HC

Ar. Fahmida Sheikh
Ar. Madiha Salam


Ar. Tania Ali Soomro
Event Convener

Project Team
Ar.Hussain Khalid
Ar. Abeera Saleem
Ar. Tooba Aftab

Ar. Yoman Aisha

Archival Research
Ar. Kiran Azhar
Ar. Noman Mumbai
Ar. Sajid Khan