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Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industries (OICCI), Karachi
(March 2013 – May 2013)

‘Oversea Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industries (OICCI)” is located in the historic hub of the city of Karachi in Serai Quarter. Serai Quarter is famous for its historic stone masonry construction. OICCI is a listed heritage property of Karachi, notified and protected under the Sindh Cultural Heritage Preservation Act 1994; bearing the enlistment number 1995-084 in the records of Department of Culture, Government of Sindh.

The G+1 structure of OICCI Building, is constructed on plot no. SR-2/8. It is a single unit building, however two annexes were added to the main building block as extension some decades ago (exact years are not known). Altogether three blocks exist at the site. The details of the building are described in ‘State of Conservation Report’ and ‘report on detailed measured survey’.