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Fariha Tahseen
Department of Architecture and Planning,
N.E.D. University City Campus,
Maulana Din Mohammad Wafai Road, Karachi, Pakistan
+92 333 4708835
• fariha_tahseen@yahoo.com


Research paper: Active Community Participation and Involvement as a Strategy to Upgrade and Regularize the Quality of Sidewalks in Pedestrian Infrastructure

Book Chapter: Fariha Tahseen, Madiha Salam (2022) Climate Responsive Architecture, Then and Now;Lessons Learned from Architecture since Pre-Colonial Era to Contemporary Times in Karachi. Advancing Sustainability, Battling Climate Change: Essays, Case Studies and Profiles from Pakistan, Oxford University Press.

Published Books
  Article: Fariha Tahseen (2015), ‘Heritage Cell’an article in book “Reimagining Karachi; Retaining Forgotten Treasures” Publication by I AM Karachi & SEEDS, ISBN 978-969-9877-12-4
Peer Reviewed Journals, Proceedings, Book Chapter
  Noman Ahmed and Fariha Tahseen, (2017) Examining Mapping as a Tool for Community Empowerment in the Context of Unplanned Settlements; A Case of Karachi, Pakistan, Bhúmi, The Planning Research Journal Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2017.  
  Fariha Tahseen, Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed, (2020) Investigating the Emergence and Performance of Shopping Malls from Design Review and Users’ Perspectives in Karachi, Pakistan, International Research Journal of Architecture and Planning, Vol. 5(1), pp. 111-122, March, 2020. © www.premierpublishers.org. ISSN: 1530-9931  
  Fariha Tahseen (2020) Traditional Values Versus Modern Conveniences; An Analysis of Traditional Courtyard and Contemporary House Design Trends in Lahore, Journal of Research in Architecture and planning, Vol. 28(1), pp 41-52, Dec 2020  
Articles in Newspapers and Professional Magazines
  Fariha Tahseen (2016) Book Review, ‘Mapping Lahore; Tracing Historic Geography of a City through Maps’ Journal of Research in Architecture and planning, Vol. - 1)  
  Fariha Tahseen (January, 2022), The Arts and Crafts of the Hunza Valley in Pakistan; living Traditions in the Karakoram, Book Review in Archi Times  
  Fariha Tahseen, Masooma Mohib Shakir (January 2020), ‘Cartographic Turn; An Insight Into World’s Changing Trends- Professeor Jacques Levy ‘ Coverage in Archi Times  
  Fariha Tahseen, (June 2021), ‘Perspectives on Pandemic; Impacts on Urban Pedagogies, Research and Practice’’ Conference Call in Archi Times  
  Fariha Tahseen, Masooma Mohib Shakir (January 2022), ‘Perspectives on Pandemic; Bringing Forth Issues, Experiences and Insights’ Conference Coverage in Archi Times  
  Fariha Tahseen (2021), ‘History of Heritage of Karachi’, an article in NED Experience Booklet Centannial Volume 2021, A Publication of University Advancement and Financial Assistance (UAFA) NED UET.