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Safia Asif
Department of Architecture and Planning,
N.E.D. University City Campus,
Maulana Din Mohammad Wafai Road, Karachi, Pakistan
+92 344-2825558
• arsafiakhan@gmail.com
• arsafiakhan@cloud.neduet.edu.pk 

- Investigating the role of digital architecture in architectural education   
- Analyzing the impacts of climate responsive elements of architectural design in city of Karachi  
Peer Reviewed Journals, Proceedings, Book Chapter  

Research Papers

  “Experiences of Teaching Basic Design as Foundation Course to Beginners with no Background in Drawing Skills: A case of Architecture Department at NED University of Engineering and Technology”, Journal of Research Architecture and Planning, Pgs 9-21, Volume 23 & Second Issue, 2017  (Online link of paper: https://jrap.neduet.edu.pk/arch-journal/JRAP_2017_2.html )    
  Research Report  
  ''A Strategy of enabling Pakistan building industry to climate friendly building - A case study of Karachi'' Research Project in collaboration with Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC), Ministry of Climate Change, Pakistan, August, 2018  
  Articles in Newspapers and Professional Magazines  

Article based on student’s project outcome: Customizing Art Movement published in Archi Times, December, 2016


Article based on teaching experience Learning through Experience published in Archi Times, February, 2018