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blue Third Call List Karachi Board (Pre-Engg./Computer Sc.)
blue Third Call List A-Level (Pre-Engg./Computer Sc.)
blue Third Call List Sponsors (Category SF-11)
blue Fourth Call List Other than Karachi Boards and A-Level (Pre-Engg./Computer Sc.)
blue Second Call list for A-Level (Pre-Engg./Comp. Sc./Pre-Med)
blue Third Call list for Other than Karachi Board and A-Level
blue Second Call List Karachi Board (Pre-Engg. / Science General)
blue Notice for Hostel Accommodation F.E. Batch 2018
blue Second Call List for Sponsors Seats [Category SF-11]
blue Call List for Rural Areas of Karachi [Category R-6]
blue First Provisional Call List A-Level (Pre-Engg./Comp. Sc./Arts/Commerce) and 12th Grade
blue First Call list for Sponsors Seats [Category SF-11]
blue Second Call list Other than Karachi Boards and A-level
blue University Call List MIRPURKHAS BOARD [R-2(b)/SF-2(b)] Uploaded
blue First Call List
blue Last Date for HSC Marks Entry extended till 2nd Oct 2018 for BIE Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas
blue Date Extended to add/amend admission categories till 2nd October 2018
blue Instructions for Candidates applying for Admission
blue Revised Admission Schedule 2018
blue Notice for Entry of HSC or Equivalent Marks
blue Notice of O & A Level Candidates  [ Form-B (Revised) ]
blue Notice of Category Addition    [ Form-A ]
blue Entry Test Result
blue Answer Key [ Commerce ] - [ Computer Science ] - [ Humanities ] - [ Pre-Engineering ] - [ Pre-Medical ] - [ Science ]
blue Seating Plan
Block [ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, Q, P ]
Block [ M, N, S, V, X, Y ] and Block [ L ]
blue Guideline & FAQs
blue Online Admissions [ Click here to apply ]
blue Advertisement of Admissions 2018
blue Important Notice for Undergraduate Admissions 2018
blue Prospectus 2018
blue Additional Links