Introduction Duty Society was established in 1952, it was registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860 with Registration No. 527 of 1956-57. It begin/started proper working in 1956.

Major Functions:

  • There shall be society called The N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology Duty Society of each membership as will be as herein after provided.
  • The aim and objects of the Society shall be:
    • To receive funds for the Duty Society;
    • To lead money to the indigent and promising students of the University Qarz-e-Hasana without giving any preference to any class of student like Refugees, Agriculturists or minorities but the son’s and dependents of the members or those deceased members who paid their subscription regularly in their life-time, will have first preference provided they’re promising also; and (iii). To realize money of the society back from the benefited students within a reasonable period of their employment.
  • The Vice-Chancellor, N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi being the controlling officer shall be patron of the society.
  • The governing body hereinafter known as the executive committee is compromised of the dean, faculty of Engineering, who is also the chairman of the committee . The registrar/deputy is registrar one nominee of the chairmen of each teaching department membership of the society is compulsory for every student of the University. However, the membership of the society shall also be open to everybody who is interested in promoting the cause of engineering education in the country including the teaching staff members and ex-students of the university.
  • A landing library is established under Duty Society for providing text books to the students of the university without any cost. There are more than Thirty four thousand books in landing library the Duty Society also provides the help to students in cases of accident and disasters financially and medically.


Governing Body:

Vice-Chancellor Controlling Officer/Patron
Dean of faculty of Engineering
Registrar/Deputy registrar
Nominee of all teaching departments of Undergraduate 
Chief librarian
Director Finance,Deputy Director


Duty Society Representor:

Latafat Yar Khan
In-charge Duty Society

I provide all facilities to the student regarding their loan,books providing,auditing meetings arrangements and maintaining all account of Duty Society.


Student Facilities:

Dear NEDian.s
You had obtained loan (Qarz-e-Hasana) during your study in this institution and executed a bond. As per conditions and terms you were required to pay/refund the same with in one year of your employment after completion of your studies. The society is making sincere efforts to help and provide financial aid to needy students and if the amount, outstanding against you, is received the society will be able to help your other needy brethren.

Realization of Funds:

  • Realization of ordinary membership fee of Ra. (Rs. only) for each calendar year.
  • Realization of life membership fee of Ra. (Rs. only) lump-sum.
  • Donations and gifts to the Society collected by active members of the Society.
  • Realization of the amount loaned to the students out of Society's Fund; and
  • Any other mode of income approved by the Patron; provided that no Government servant will solicit or persuade any individual to contribute to its funds or become its member. Only such members of the society, as are non-Government servants, shall be deputed to canvass for subscription and donation.

All the ex-students of NEDUET who have borrowed Qarz-e-Hasana loan from Duty Society are hereby requested to deposit back the same to Duty Society. This will help to provide the facilities for new students of the University. It is accordingly reuested the amount may kindly be remitted in cash or by sending a cross cheque in the name of “ NED University Duty Society” at NBP NED University branch. The bank account number of the Duty Society is PLS A/C NO. 3102663868 National Bank of Pakistan NED University branch. Those ex-students who intend to remit the loan back , they should deposit the cash through online banking.


Important Links:

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Contact Us:


Mr.Latafat Yar Khan
In-Charge, Duty Society


PH: +9299261261-8

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