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Sr.no Supervisor Name Designation Subject
1 Dr. Abdul Hai Madni Associate Professor Islamic Studies
2 Dr. Ashraf Ali Chairman & Professor Metallurgy and Materials
3 Dr. Bilal Zahid Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
4 Dr. Farrukh Arif Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
5 Dr. Farzana Yasmin Professor and Chairperson Biochemistry
6 Dr. Muhammad Dawood Husain Assistant Professor Textile Science & Technology
7 Dr. Muhammad Owais Raza Siddiqui Assistant Professor Textiles
8 Dr. Muhammad Sohail Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
9 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Associate Professor Earthquake Engineering
10 Dr. Saeeda Nadir Ali Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
11 Dr. Saira Faisal Assistant Professor Colour Chemistry
12 Dr. Salma Farooq Associate Professor Textile Engineering
13 Dr. Shahid Hussain Assistant Professor Material Science & Engineering
14 Dr. Shenela Naqvi Assistant Professor Textile Engineering
15 Dr. Sheraz Hussain Siddique Assistant Professor Textiles
16 Dr. Syed Mohammad Wasim Raza Assistant Professor Biomechanics Orthopaedic Surgery
17 Dr. Uneb Gazder Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
18 Dr. Zahoor Ul Hussain Awan Lecturer Chemical Engineering
19 Dr. Nuzhat Arshad Associate professor Physical Sciences
20 Dr. Amtul Qayoom Associate professor Physical Sciences
21 Dr. Usman Allauddin Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
22 Dr. Muhammad Shakaib Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
23 Dr. Mahrukh Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
24 Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Aman Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
25 Dr. Shariq Mahmood Khan Associate Professor Physical Sciences
26 Dr. Saman Hina Assistant Professor Physical Sciences
27 Dr. Farrukh Arif Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
28 Dr. Mirza Mahmood Baig Professor Physical Sciences
29 Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Assistant Professor Physical Sciences
30 Dr. Azam Khan Assistant Professor Physical Sciences
31 Dr. Quratulain Mohtashim Associate Professor Textile Engineering
32 Dr. Mubashir Siddiqui Professor Mechanical Engineering
33 Dr. Sheheryar Mohsin Qureshi Assistant Professor Industrial & Manufacturing Engg.
34 Dr. Asad-ur-Rehman Khan Professor Civil Engineering
35 Dr. Rizwan Aslam Butt Assistant Professor Electronic Engineering
36 Dr. Bilal Zahid Associate Professor Textile Engineering
37 Dr. Nafis Ul Haque Assistant Professor Metallurgy and Materials Engg.
38 Dr. Syed Muhammad Usman Ali Professor / Chairman Electronic Electronic Engg.
39 Dr. Mehmood Ali Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
40 Dr. Raza Ali Khan Associate Professor Social Sciences
41 Dr. Faizan Raza Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
42 Dr. Sadaf Qasim Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
43 Dr. Laraib Sarfraz Khanzada Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
44 Dr. Ali Hasan Mahmood Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
45 Dr. Fahim Raees Associate Professor Physical Sciences
46 Dr. Tehmina Ayub Soomro Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
47 Dr. Nafis Ul Haque Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
48 Dr. Atif Mustafa Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
49 Dr. Anis Fatima Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
50 Dr. Muhammad Jamil Assistant Professor Physical Sciences
51 Dr. Tahir Malik Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
52 Dr. Farooq Hassan Associate Professor Social Sciences
53 Dr. Muhammad Asad Arfeen Assistant Professor     Engineering & Technology
54 Dr. Shahid Hussain Abro Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
55 Dr. Suneela Ahmed Assistant Professor Social Sciences
56 Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Memon Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
57 Dr. Muhammad Uzair Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
58 Dr. Muhammad Mubashir Khan Associate Professor Physical Sciences
59 Dr. Muhammad Amir Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
60 Dr. Saqib Jamshed Rind Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
61 Dr. Sajida Zaki Professor & Chairperson Arts & Humanities
62 Dr. Sundus Ali Lecturer Engineering & Technology
63 Dr. Abdul Hai Madni Assistant Professor Social Sciences
64 Dr. Uzair Majeed Assistant Professor Physics Sciences
65 Dr. Asif Ahmed Shaikh Professor Engineering & Technology
66 Dr. Sunila Akbar Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology
67 Dr. Muhammad Yousuf Tufail Lecturer Physics Sciences
70 Dr. Saleha Bano Lecturer Engineering & Technology
71 Dr. Muhammad Fareed Assistant Professor  Arts & Humanities
72 Dr Syed Abbas Ali Professor Physical Science
73 Dr. Faraz Akbar Associate Professor Engineering & Technology
74 Dr. Ashar Ahmed Assistant Professor Engineering & Technology