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Dean, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

   bullet-square.png Dean ECE


Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi

  B.E. (Electrical Engineering, NEDUET)
  M.Sc (DSP, Lancaster University, UK)
  Ph.D (Brunel University, UK)  

   bullet-square.png ECE Faculty Overview

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering was established in 2002, having previously been run as Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

The Faculty comprises of Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Information Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. These Departments are currently offering five Undergraduate, ten Masters and four PhD programs. There are 2,634 undergraduate, 628 Masters and 71 PhD students currently enrolled in the faculty. We are proud to have the best minds of the country serving as Faculty members here – there are 135 Faculty members in ECE out of which 45 are PhD qualified.

Quality Assurance has been at our forefront. Four of the five engineering programs offered under ECE umbrella have successfully obtained OBE accreditation.

We are privileged to host state of the art laboratories under four National Centers in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, and Robotics and Automation. Instrumentation Center and Electronic Design Centers are heavily involved in industrial design, repair and consultancy services.

In addition to core teaching, our Faculty is involved in several National and International Funded Research Projects including SRGP, NRPU, TDF, GCRF UK etc. Departments of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering hosts annual international conferences.

ECE Faculty enjoys excellent industrial relationships which are showcased through initiatives such as K Electric Laboratory and ABB Control Systems Lab. The Faculty also has state of the art Smart Grid Lab.  Department of Biomedical Engineering is currently housed at LEJ Campus near two main Hospitals of the City – Liaquat National Hospital and The Aga Khan University Hospital. The proximity of Engineering and Medical Education Institutions has resulted in several exciting technology related health interventions.

The ECE faculty has produced some of the best known and successful alumni of NED University. They have excelled in various walks of life including sports, law enforcement, engineering, technology and academics.


   bullet-square.png Faculty Vision

To use Technology as Pathway to bring Excellence and Sustainability in the Transforming World

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