Directorate of Works & Services consists of mainly five sections that includes following :

  • Electrical Works Section
  • Civil Works Section
  • Central Stores
  • Transport (HTV)
  • Hostel & Staff Colony Allotment


Sections & Functions:

Directorate of Works & Services consists of five sections which include the following:

Serial No. Section Name Section Head
1. Electrical Section Deputy Director Works & Services (Electrical)
2. Civil Section Deputy Director Works & Services (Civil)
3. Central Stores Manager Central Stores
4. HTV Transport Manager Central Stores
5. Provost & Colony Allotment Committee Director Works & Services

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Subject Issue Date Issuing Authority
Yearly Objective 2023 & Action Plan 24-May-23 Director Works & Services
Detail of Existing Routes for Students Shuttle Service 30-Mar-22 Director Works & Services


Contact Us:

Engr.Syed Wasiuddin
Director Works & Services / Provost 

+922199261261-8 Ext. 2336,2213

Engr. Khurshid Akhtar

Additional Director Works & Services  +922199261261-8 Ext. 2248

Mr. Muhammad Saqib Anis

Manager Central Stores +922199261261-8 Ext. 2357

Engr. Azhar Iqbal

Deputy Director Works & Services (Civil) +922199261261-8 Ext. 2423

Mr. Muhammad Kashif Ali

Deputy Director Works & Services (Electrical) +922199261261-8 Ext. 2458

Mr. Asad Ahmed Baig

Assistant Director Works & Services (N.T) (Acting)   +922199261261-8 Ext. 2513

Mr. Asad Hussain

Acting Transport Officer +922199261261-8 Ext. 2549
Mr. Asad Ahmed Baig
Assistant Manager (Stores)   +922199261261-8 Ext. 2357

Engr. Niaz Hussain

Assistant Director Works & Services (Civil) +922199261261-8 Ext. 2423
Engr. Muhammad Farhan Khan Assistant Director Works & Services (Civil)(City Campus) +922199213058,32620793 

Mr. Muhammad Waseem Sangi

Sr. Lab Engineer  +922199261261-8 Ext. 2552

Syed Muhammad Tarique

Warden Boys Hostel / Secretary Allotment Committee

+922199261261-8 Ext. 2380

Mrs. Asma Anjum
Warden Girls Hostel +922199261261-8 Ext. 2429